Saturday, November 10, 2007

berlin we are here

ok so I have not posted for a while, here are some photos, i will explain them later, enjoy

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

what happened to padrevic, well...

Ok so we have had three really full days of touring around. I have plenty of pictures to share, but Fr. Michael took my camera to his room and went to bed. So here is a run down with photos to follow, hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday: we got up and at 'em early, 9:30ish. We went touring the Charles Bridge and Castle area. Lots of fun and a good learning experience. Can you say "defenestration", children? We spent most the morning there then went for lunch late in the afternoon. Now whilst in lunch the heavens opened up and rain started pouring down on the city and our plans to stroll around...the best laid plans, etc... Paul and Michael went to purchase tickets for our trains to Berlin. Bryan wandered around alone and I did as well, then home quickly to hotel because the rain was so miserable. Dinner was great in a wine cellar close to our hotel. We stopped by a bar for a pivo and then to bed.

Wednesday: up and at 'em early 9:59, just in time for breakfast, which was great except for Bryan who showed up a bit late and the women who was the main waiter was not pleased with him. She told him something like: No! All close now! No more! Bryan did get some food and the day was on...right after a mid morning nap. All this time we had no idea where MK was...he was off exploring the city on his own. So the whole group got out of the hotel by about 1:15 and we were off to explore more of the city. We went to Wenceslas Square then poked around the Communist Museum, quite an eye full, to say the least. We all needed some more food so of to a cafeteria for a short/long lunch. Food was okay, service was okay, tummies felt great after so a good outing. Bryan wanted to do some shoppin' so shoppin' he went. MK, PWB and I went to the subway to go out a few stops from the tourist area to see what normal people live like. I have to say I could not have lived there now, and certainly not during the communist revolt. All back to subway, I wanted a massage for my aching feet, neck and back. On Monday I spotted a Thai massage place and told them I would be back for a massage and they still remembered me, thanks to my guardian angel.The massage was great...I will post pictures as soon as I get them. PWB and MK went to try their luck at a casino. We all met back up and went to dinner at a wonderful resturant a great meal was had by all. The decor was quite nice. It did feel a bit like a Sauna, who know maybe my body is going through some changes...who knows. Anyway after dinner we stopped and had another small dessert Gellato,,,,,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
That was enough and we were done for the day at 10pm. Got our hotel for Budapest reserved and all were off to bed, except me. I needed to fill you all in on what is happening. I hope I have been of some help. If you need to know more just let me know. We love answering questions here. time with pictures. Peacce

Monday, November 05, 2007

Prague...we are here...and...

We are tired! Just a few photos and some commentary then I am off to bed. Our flight was fine, took off on time, and arrived on time...way to go Delta. We got to the hotel but no rooms yet, so we got some hot chocolate and some coffee and started out day. We walked our feet off and ate and drank lots to keep us awake. Enjoy the photos.

The first two photos are three priest enjoying mileage award tickets for Business Elite.
The one below is a priest enjoying coach class accomodations. Looks good huh?

This is Lenka, she took great care of us. She certainly was gracious to us all, just like her name implies. Great job Lenka, THANKS!

Now here is a test, why do you think I took a pict of my luggage? There is something special about this photo, do you know what it is? I will answer in a few days.

These two photos are us sitting at the cafe awaiting our drinks to rouse us up. Nice and quite, then...
Where did all these people come from??? They came to see the Astronomical Clock, and that ended our quite table by the square...;)

This is Fr. Bryan taking a photo.

This is Fr. Paul taking a photo.

This is me with a perfect stranger on the Charles Bridge.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Oks, sos Is realizes thats DST iss overs. Its iss alwayss interestings tos sees hows Masss attendances happens ons thes Sundays afters wes falls backs ors springs forwards...ahs thes joys ofs rollings thes clocks backs ands forwards...anyways befores Is leaves ons vacations Is justs wants tos puts as posts ins heres abouts DST. Ohs thats iss Daylight Saving Time and it is over and so are the extra S' enough with them Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Saving"s" Time, a pet peeve of mine...Enjoy