Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Tokyo

We have been here for a few hours and just found some Internet.
Bryan's back is hurting him but he should be okay soon. I am a bit
tired but about to get a nap. Then we are off to dinner with the
pastor sons seminarians and another priest. More later peace

Friday, June 20, 2008

Retreat is done

We are ok our way to Tokyo. More later

Oh it's on the tip of my tounge...

Ever feel that way well here is some news for you to ponder next time it happens. You can read this article and then watch the following video. Peace

Friday FAILures


Thursday, June 19, 2008


I told you I had photos of VBS to share, well I did not get them all uploaded. I promise when I get back to load them properly for you to see...until then here are some form the first day...sorry!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anniversary photos

Here they are. I am sure you can figure out what is what, so no captions. Enjoy them. Peace

Yes your read it correctly

When we arrived the other day I was a bit tired. I asked Bryan "how do you spell sweet?" "S-W-E-E-T" Then I asked "then what the heck is Pocari Sweat?" Well I finally found some tonight after going to my second Onsen. I would say both the onsen and the Pocari Sweat hit the spot. Goodnight.

Japan part 1

Ok below you are going to see some photos from my first three days in Japan. It has been truly wonderful and relaxing so far. Pray, eat, sleep, rest, exercise, walk about etc... everything I needed in a retreat. Here are the photos and I will explain a bit after they are done.

  • The train to Fujimi was easy as could be. Three trains about 2.5 hours and we were here.
  • The food, especially the onigiri has lived up to my expectations, and then some, I can't wait to get to Tokyo and have more.
  • The toilette situation on the train was unique, people could look into the bathroom, not sure if anyone did however.
  • The scenery on the train was quite impressive.
  • The people here, especially the Benedictines have outdone themselves in hospitality.
  • Fr. Kieran showed us around the area a bit on Tuesday.
  • We went to the hut of Fr. Shigeto Oshida, a Dominican priest as well as a Zen master. He is dead now but the community at Takamori Soan lives on. The chapel was small and quite nice, very dark, but cozy. The outdoor memorial to the victims of Japan's war of the 20th century was quite impressive. I have a panoramic of the place in the photos, but I will place it after this text as well.
  • Last night we went to the Onsen, as you read earlier.
  • Today I had a great time in prayer (mostly the book I am reading) and then a nice run.
  • After Mass today we had lunch outside under the Cherry tree...the croquet.
  • Rested a bit this afternoon and then Fr. Jay (a priest from the Philippines who is living in the monastery while ministering to the Filipino community in the area) invited me for some tennis, I could not pass up the opportunity to do a corporal work of mercy for my brother priest as he has not played tennis in a year and was dying to play...that is what kind of guy I am always ready to give of myself. Also Fr. Jay promised more Onsen tonight for my sore muscles.
  • The final shot in the roll and here is of the town of Fujimi, quaint and beautiful.

click for larger photos

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deacon Salomon

Well we knew we would have lots of work for Deacon Salomon to do while with us at St. Matthew, this past Saturday we really put him to work. Instead of having his first Baptism, he had four at one time. He came through it will flying colors, here are the photos to prove. Enjoy

FYI tomorrow is Anniversary day photos...


Well my first full day in Japan is just about to end. My day has been quite relaxing and I have had some great time to reflect, relax and retreat. Tonight after night prayer I went with Fr. Kiran to one of the local onsen, I think it was called yuutoron, (for photos go here) I had to post a quick photo from the men's locker room at the onsen. My review from my first onsen to ever go to is...wonderful! If you don't know what an onsen is you can go here to find out more. I should sleep quite soundly tonight (it is Tuesday night here) not just because I am jet lagged a bit, but because of those wonderful waters. Peace

This is the door to the bathing area and the first pool.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Monastery

I was looking for some video to show you about Japan or Benedictines or something relaxing...but did not find much. I did however I did find the following video, and watch it until about 3:30 and you will see some photos, beyond on that you will probably not be interested. Of course you know that I will post photos myself once I get them.

The video by the way is done by a guy who I have seen before when I was doing some food research. If you want to see a humorous video check this one out.

Made it to Fujimi

We are in the monastery, we had dinner and night prayer. I am gonna
get cleaned up and get some rest. PEACE

We Made it to Japan

When I find some wireless I will send out a few posts that I made on the airplane. Until then know that FBS and I are doing well and we had better seats than what you saw us in, God is good. Peace

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Final approach

The flight is coming to an end. I am turing this thing off with the



Sent from iPhone

Two hours to go...

...and I'm feeling fine

Almost there;-)

Date-line or a day without a sunset

So somewhere over the ocean we passed a line...and it was there that I
lost the chance to see the sunset for only the second time in my life.
(I went to China in 1999) Anyway I think it was there that it really
finally hit me that I am actually going to Japan. For some reason it
has taken me this long to get it through my thick skull. I can't wait
for this big bird to land safely.


Sent from iPhone

The computer is lying

Now I know the computer is not just lying to me but I just woke up
from a great nap and when I saw this I thought..."how long have I been
asleep???" Well it is indeed lying to me for some reason, maybe it
has to do with passing the intl date line or something. It still does
not take away the fact that it still was one great nap! More later,

Look at me

Mid flight and I found a mirror...hello!

Fr. Bryan

Okay this is moments after my last post and Fr is doing well and has a
full tummy. More later. Peace

Mid flight

We are now in the air. I know that you are not reading it when I am
typing this but consider this a play by play. We have just eaten
lunch, fwiw we did get upgraded, very nice! As you can see from the
photo we are just over South Dakota. I just finished watching Legend
with Will Smith, not bad to watch while eating lunch. Just going to
relax now as it is almost 2am Tokyo time and I need my beauty sleep.

Upup and away


Well I did in Europe so I am giving it another chance. Two bags that's
it for 11-ish days. Peace

On our way to airport

Jimmy D is driving us to the airport this fine morning. More
later...happy fathers day !!!


Now I am only 10 hours away from being on the plane and I need to get some sleep, but I want to tell you a few things before I go. I will not be blogging much, if at all, until at the very earliest Saturday noon-ish Atlanta time, as I will be on retreat. If I do find some wifi here and there I will send an update, but don't hold your breath. I have posts set to go out each day while I am on retreat. They will post at 2:22PM each day I am not live. I hope you enjoy the posts. Until then...