Saturday, November 03, 2007


Sorry but I have to geek out on you for a minute.
Oh my my my, well many of you know that I likes me some puzzles. I loves me crossword and sudoku the best. Well if you are an aspiring Sudoku master then you should play todays AJC puzzle. It is not the one on the website but it is the one in the paper. If you do not get the AJC and would like to try this puzzle let me know I will transcribe it for you. Anyway all I can say is SWORDFISH. If you know sudoku then you have probably heard of's puzzle is an excellent way to learn the advanced technique of swordfish (as you know much like Xwing) If you need some help go here for beginners, and here to find out about swordfish and all the other advanced techniques. ENJOY

Virgin Mary?...Maybe

Went to eat at this place and swear I saw the Virgin Mary in the window. Now I am not one to think that Mary is appearing all over the place, but maybe it was just for me. Thanks Mary! Enjoy

Friday, November 02, 2007

Look at this...

Well this piece from the Georgia Bulletin is quite nice. Does my heart good to see how our wonderful parish family featured well in the press. Enjoy

Treat or Trick?

After talking to a few people, sounds like these people had more people than anyone I spoke with. Although Deacon Gayle, said he and his wife had more trick or treaters than they have had in 20+years...guess that is because they moved in from the countryside.
So here is a video of a house that would have been fun to go to for a number of reasons, not the least of which is they seem to be handing out "big candy". Enjoy.

Ooga Halloween Trick Or Treat - Watch more amazing videos here

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rest in Peace Anna Marie

A friend of my family from when I was a child died on Sunday. They had a funeral today at my home parish. I will always remember her unique voice, I can still hear her call my name now. I will also remember the affection she showed me each time we saw each other. I forgive her for cheering for OU... ;-) Here is her obituary from the OKC paper.

Anna Marie Pitcock, born in Holdenville, OK, September 1, 1948, to H.H. (Sonny) and Catherine (Morrison) Pitcock, passed into eternal life on October 28, 2007. Attended Holdenville schools, graduating May 1966, employed after graduation with Holdenville Daily Newspaper as a type verifier. She was also employed as secretary to local Holdenville attorney, George Oliphant . Moved to Oklahoma City area in 1970 and was employed with Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Drivers License Services, until her retirement in August 2000, after 30 years service. Following her retirement, she was employed by Anthony C. Galier. Longtime member of St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church of Moore, OK. She was an avid OU fan since high school, and was especially pleased with her most recent acquisition of a Bob Stoops signed football. Anna Marie enjoyed her halftime phone conversations, discussing the OU games with her uncle, Frank Morrison, of Aurora, CO, working crossword puzzles with her uncle, Frank Morrison, as well as with her friend, Mary 'Susie' Swafford. She also enjoyed crocheting baby afghans for gifts to family and friends. Preceeded in death by her parents and one brother, George H. Pitcock. Survived by two brothers, Jim Pitcock of Moore, OK and Frank Pitcock and wife Kay of Holdenville, OK. Also survived by her uncle, Frank Morrison and wife De of Aurora, CO, and an aunt Marylee Morrison of Del City. Also, surviving is her special adopted family, close friend and nurse, Mary 'Susie' Swafford and her four daughters, Julie, Jo Ann, Nicole (Coley), and Nicole Schuster; Susie's grandsons, Jack Spector, Christopher Cagle, Austin Schuster; and granddaughters, Amber Schuster, Tiffany Spector and most recent arrival of great-granddaughter (6/ 13/07) Catherine Unity Marie Hayes-Adams, daughter of Coley. Many thanks to the medical providers at OU Medical Center including Dr. K. Oommen, Drs. Gary and Rhonda Johnson, Dr. Gary Johnson's nursing staff and the 7th floor nursing staff at Presbyterian for their compassionate care. Thanks to our many friends who extended love and support during her illness. In lieu of flowers, Anna Marie's wish was to make donations to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, the Building Fund at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church of Moore, OK or your charity of choice. Wake 7:30 pm Wednesday, Resthaven Funeral Home; Mass of Christian Burial Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007, 11:00 am, St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, Moore, OK; lunch served following mass in the Joyce Center, Interment at Holdenville Cemetery, 3:00 pm Thursday.
Keep her family and especially my brother Tony (Anna Marie and Tony were quite close) in your prayers, thanks. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon her. AMEN May she rest in Peace. AMEN May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in Peace. AMEN


Get ready, get set...GO-GO's

The sound is not so great but it gets the point across. This Sunday I am leaving for some vacation. This is my first vacation since June and I am really looking forward to it. I will be traveling with my priest buddies (Fr.'s Paul, Bryan, Michael). We are going to Prague, Berlin and Budapest. We are leaving on Delta #62 and returning on Delta #'s 99 and if we get the change 135 if not we will be on #531 (pray that does not happen). We return on 16nov07 late in the evening. I hope to be blogging from Europe now and then when I have the chance. I am hopeful it will be a nice relaxing trip, I would ask for your prayers for an enjoyable and safe journey. If you have been to any of these cities and have any pointers or recommendations email me or put them in the comment box. Thanks.

All Saints

Well today is the Solemnity of All Saints. Rocco has a nice post up over at usual. In it he talks about the tapestries at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles in Los Angeles. I have been a fan of these tapestries since my first visit to the Cathedral. If you get to LA, you must make a stop to see them and this magnificent architecturally modern Cathedral. My favorite feature of the Church are the way all the action radiates from and to the Altar. Of course the tapestries are quite beautiful as well, certainly the Baptism of Christ (see below) is one of my favorites. (side note, when I find them or can commission an artist, the Baptism of Christ is my favorite piece of art) Have a great day. Enjoy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Go read Joel Johnson's piece on this marvelous bit of technology. I think if I had one I would only gain about 25 pounds the first week...okay maybe more. I think maybe the Goza boys would love this little piece of technology goodness. Enjoy

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My revenge on the cats

This is for all the times these cats wake me up and generally make my life can tell by the way they look they are not happy. Enjoy it while it lasts..ok it only lasted about one minute, but they sure are cute. Lilly went as a sassy little number in a skimpy blouse and Ooti went as a prep from the 1980's.


So the Smashing Pumpkins canceled both of their shows at the Fox...ah well at least my baby will be my PUMPKIN this Halloween. (thanks to Aunt Angela for the costume) I doubt the cats will let me put them in a costume. Enjoy

This song is in my head...

I went to see The Darjeeling Limited last night and I cannot get this song out of my head. This is not a movie for kids and most is very quirky, very. So if you need an offbeat weird movie, then go, otherwise go see Bella, I hear is it is very good.

Consumers: Fight back!

Consumerist has an excellent post up for fighting for your rights with a corporation. I like this site because they help with people dealing with customer service items. Go check them out. Enjoy.

Nerd Costume

Check this out if you need a good nerd costume. Enjoy

Fell the funny...

loldogs and funny pictures

Monday, October 29, 2007

what i would give for this...

Man what I would give for a ride up a hill during the middle of a triathlon (or a training ride for that matter). I have seen this all over the internet for a while and I think it is a really cool idea. Go check it out, here.

Remember the Archbishop in prayer

Well if you did not hear it this weekend at Mass, our own Archbishop Wilton Gregory will undergo surgery next Monday 5 November. Please keep him and his doctors and nurses in your prayers. Also why you are at it add Fr. Richard Tibbets in your prayers as well, since he was readmitted to the hospital Saturday night.

Speaking of Birthdays...

I would be remiss if I did not remember my good buddy Craig Evans on his birthday. Happy birthday Craig. This LOLCats is for you and Richard. Enjoy.

nom nom nom / nooo it are my birthday

Lordy, know the rest

This is Richard Green, he is 40 years old today. Tomorrow he will be sworn in as a lawyer in many things happening in a few short days. This plus a great wife, wonderful kids and a new house soon. Happy Birthday Richard.

my priesteem is hurting...but not as much

Well we lost...AGAIN...but this time the score was much closer 40-27 (btw 27 is a new high score for our team). Next week we play St. Theresa's from Douglasville. Neither St. Theresa's team nor ours has someone will win next week for the first time. They are billing this game as the "battle of the basement". It will be 4pm at Our Lady of Mercy, come on out and cheer on our team. Go St. Matthew...Kill murder the game against St. Theresa!