Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ahh, the sounds of the internets...the old way

Many of you younger readers will not be sure what this is, for the rest of you enjoy.

Where is Fr. Vic & what is he up too?

Today is a busy one...haircut at 730...then baptism in Duluth at 10...the teach at deacon school for 3 hours...then confessions and Mass. How does he manage? Three days of vacation begin tomorrow! Yiipppeee!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing catch-up

funny graphs

funny graphs

funny graphs

funny graphs

funny graphs

funny dog pictures

cute puppy pictures

funny dog pictures

cute puppy pictures

humorous pictures

Humorous Pictures

Humorous Pictures

And here is some love for all you g33ks out there...

Humorous Pictures

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It beats MARTA ads

I am sure there are people getting their cassocks in a twist over this but it is kinda cute and meant to be taken with a good sense of humor. Enjoy

Bulletin & Insert for 13APR08

Read this doc on Scribd: 041308 new

Read this doc on Scribd: 4th Sunday of Easter

I think Rosie is smarter than this

At least I hope so...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Confirmation 2008

We had a great time with Archbishop John F. Donoghue. Here are the photos...enjoy!

Westmoreland voted No

You will remember this post a few weeks ago when I asked you to call our (or your) Congressional Representative. Well here is another chance. You will remember PEPFAR, from this post. Well if finally came to a vote and guess who voted NO, yep, my representative Lynn Westmoreland. You can go see how your Representative voted by going here. Well since my guy voted NO, I called to express my displeasure with his vote. I would encourage you to go find out how your Rep voted and let them know how you feel about the vote. It was a wonderful way to stand up for life, it passed, but some let the opportunity pass them by. So thank those who helped and to those who tried to stand in the way, we are disappointed in you...and keep them all in your prayers. If you need more info about HIV/AIDS you can go here. If you would like more info in Faithful Citizenship, you can go here. Peace

Atlanta Water Gardens

On Friday, after the World of Coke and lunch at the Varsity, we went to Atlanta Water Gardens. It is a lovely place to visit and if you have a water feature in your garden, it is the place to go in Atlanta for supplies. Here are some photos I took and a really cool video I took of some of the fish swimming about. Enjoy

World of Coke

Well I told you last week I continued to see more of Georgia, from a tourist perspective. I had some friends in town so we went to the World of Coca-Cola. We had a nice time touring the museum. I rather like the new museum, I think it flows a bit better. Anyway here are the photo for your enjoyment.

When I saw this Max Headroom mask and remembered when I won a Max Headroom look & act alike contest years ago. I won the top prize, which was a years worth of free movies any AMC theater. It was great, I spent most of that summer going to the movies and watching 2 or 3 movies in a day. Ahhh, the good ol'days!

My arteries cloged as I watched this...

I love it when the lady says: "This is good...just needs more salt." A woman after my own heart. Enjoy

This is really cool

I love design and fontography, I saw this video and thought it was exceptional. Enjoy

Monday, April 07, 2008


Sunday, April 06, 2008

A new feature

The last time I was on a cruise, they had this wacky trivia game. Basically it was a bunch of odd ball questions...I did not win, but next time I should be able to do well. Anyway I thought I would post a question now and then for you to ponder and answer. If you know the answer leave it in the comments to this could win a prize. I will post the answer in a few days. Enjoy

How many grooves are there on each side of a standard 33 1/3 record album that has six songs on each side?

(Photo by Felipe Micaroni Lalli from wiki media)

UPDATE: There is one groove on each side. When you put the needle on the album it follows one groove from the beginning to the end. The person with the correct answer first is Bernie G from OKC. Congratulations Bernie, yes you'is smart!

Slow down Sunday

If you are too busy to slow down today, enjoy this slowdown video. Peace