Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great ideas in action

This is a great idea for helping the poor get a footing in our world. Since you know that world development and aid are close to my heart, you can expect more posting on ideas like this in the future. Enjoy

Fires in California

Well the fires all over California are causing lots of problems. Let us keep the people affected by the fires in our prayers. I am glad to see this, a really cool use of technology to help fight the deadly fires.

This was me yesterday...

I really was tired after the meetings in Baltimore, so for my day off I slept in a bit. Much like this amusing fellow. enjoy
funny cat pictures & lolcats - 5 more minutes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

CRS final moments

Well the CRS Global Fellows meeting are over and we are waiting for our shuttle to the airport. Deacon Bill and I are exhausted from all the meetings but lots of information was disseminated. We will be on our way home before 7pm. Keep us in your prayers and know that we are praying for you. Peace

Busy time

Well I am back online...we have been busy Global Fellows these past few days.

This morning we are starting with a talk from author Jeffry Odell Korgen. He has a book out called Solidarity Will Transform the World. It is a good book of stories of how CRS is helping change the face of the world. I encourage you get it (here or here) and read it. Maybe we can get it for an adult education piece for the parish. More later...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meetings all day on Wednesday (and Thursday)

Deacon Bill and I (and other Global Fellows) will be in meetings all day tomorrow...our fearless leader Mikaele will keep us going all day, so probably will not see much posting here...not that you saw much today, but if I see something I just can't wait to share I will mblog it. Peace

Well Chris seems to be thriving with the group at FMS...might be a good charity to support...maybe a Lenten chariy for the parish to support..

Morning prayer and Morning Buzz

I had a very refreshing night of sleep here at FMS (btw here is the link to the program Chris is with) Anyway, I woke up this morning to have morning prayer at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I really like praying under the protection of the image of such a strong Christ. This image of Christ has always struck me and held a special place for me, when I feel weak and frail, there he is always in the back of my mind, covering my every move and a sign to anyone who would come close to do me harm he says..."Not to this one you don't!"

So as I continued my prayer these two gems showed themselves as part of today's morning prayer.

Like I said Morning Prayer and Morning it. Enjoy the day.

The Big Guy and me!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Link to a good post

Ken (a frequent commenter here) has a nice post up on his experience of our Adventures in Stewardship weekend. Go and check it out. Enjoy

At FMS (Franciscan Mission Service) House!

So I made it to DC and the house where Chris Allison is in formation before heading to Papua New Guinea early next year. Chris seems to be doing well and thriving in his new surroundings and the people he is here with are wonderful as well. They gave me food and wine when I walked in the door, what a crowd. They all were just on retreat last week and back to class work this week...some fun I am sure. Well our Chris is doing well, I will make sure he tells us some of the work he will be doing before he leaves. Keep Chris and his classmates in your prayers as they prepare themselves for the mission ahead.

(l to r) Jonathon, Connie, Paul, Renee, Chris, Fr. Nicholas OFM, Katie

Like sheep without a...

Ok not a shepherd but a train. I am now on the platform waiting for the train to do something. My prayers go out to those who have to deal with this stuff all the time. Peace on train moving whoopppieee!!!


Ok maybe not fire, but lots of smoke. I was headed to the Metro train and all i found was lots of smoke. The firemen are down there now trying to figure out the whole thing but for me I found a hotspot (internet that is) and I am surfing for a while, thought I would post a bit.

Deacon and I made it safely to BWI. He is headed downtown and I am on the train headed to DC. Just so u know I won 2 trivia games on DL flight.

Off to DC and Baltimore

Deacon Bill and I are flying to BWI today for meetings with CRS. You know that I have been working with CRS for a couple of years now, but here is some great news Deacon Bill has recently been accepted into the Global Fellows Program as well. Deacon Bill has orientation on Tuesday and then we have combined meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.
Since I was headed up that way, I am taking a side trip to DC to see one of our parishioners Chris Allison. Chris is studying in DC with the Franciscans, before heading into the missions early next year. I will post more info when I get it. Peace

Now I know

I tell people never to give me food, because it usually goes to waste/waist, but at least when I freeze it now I know how long it will last. Read this for more info. Enjoy

Monday morning funny...


(h/t to the Bakers)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I think this guy snuck into my room and drew this after watching me and my cats...enjoy.

First new home

My sister Angela and her family are anxious about their new home. They hope to move in by the end of November. Here is a photo of my brother-in-law Richard (PhD, JD...just passed the bar)Green, and his sons and daughter. It is the Galier genes that make them so cute. Enjoy
click for larger view

my priesteem is hurting...again

Today was not a great day on the basketball court, we lost again...interestingly almost the same score 63-18, Brad Downs was a three point magician today. A good game all around by both teams. I would like to thank Our Lady of Lourdes basketball team, they could have massacred us, but they did not, thanks guys. As for this beating and last weeks...well this one was a more thorough beating, last week they just got lucky ;-)
Picts to come...

And the total is...

That is $47,493.79!!! I just have to say this Adventures in Stewardship has been wonderful for my heart. As pastor of such a great group of parishioners, I could not be happier. Way to go crowd, thanks to you all. And thanks be to God!