Saturday, December 22, 2007

I seriously doubt it really happened like this...

With all the talk of the Archbishop of Canterbury and his words about the Nativity, I do not think he is way off base but could have been put better, but none the less (Todd @ Catholic Sensibility has a good piece about it). As you know his name is Rowan Williams, not to be confused with Rowan Atkinson (or as many of you know Mr. Bean). Well here is a idea of what the latter thinks The Nativity was like. Enjoy

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Green family

Remember that I said I went to the west coast rapidly? Well I left Sunday afternoon and got back Monday evening...I flew ATL-SLC-PSP-SLC-LAS-ATL, it was a cheap MR to earn GM for 2008. I was able to spend time on Sunday with my sister Angela Green and her family (also delivered Christmas gifts), when flying through Salt Lake. On Monday when flying through SLC on my way home I had breakfast with Angela and got to see her new house and pick up some bread from the Great Harvest Bread Company. Then back to the airport and home. Anyway enjoy the photos of those cute Green kids.

New Green House

Here is the slide show of the new house that the Green family will be moving into in January.

And that was that...

Tonight was the last Penance service of the season. It was held at St. Theresa in Douglasville. That was that and not too worse for the wear. None of the services were too long and this Advent saw the fastest Penance service in recent memory at Holy Trinity. Anyway here are some photos from just after dinner tonight as we headed to celebrate with the people.

Remember those two posts?

Well many of you know that I have two posts on my driveway...well make that one. With the lack of rain in Georgia, well it seems as some are needing help learning to drive with slick roads and are the photos.

Everyone was okay, the driver was a bit shaken-up, and her mom was not in a good mood when arriving on the scene. The post got knocked about 20feet, must have been some sight. The car was able to drive off, mostly body damage. Anyway, it was some fun and the end of the driveway, Rosie was not sure what to make of all the people at then end of her drive. Oh well...

Happy Birthday Deacon Bill

Deacon Bill turned 61 on the 19th of December. His dutiful wife (and his sister and his lovely daughter Beth Anne) were at the Georgia Shrimp Company in Peachtree City when Deacon Bill and I finished the finance council meeting, so we went down to eat with them. Once there the three ladies left just as our food arrived...not so loving to the birthday boy, but they said they were tired and I was still there with him. Happy Birthday Decca. Here are the photos...

O' Key of David!

Happy Birthday Sally Peters

Well December 19 is the Birthday of Sally Peters, and Deacon Galye being the dutiful husband took his bride out for breakfast, to the Waffle House! chivalrous, no? Happy Birthday Sally

You see the strangest people... my Waffle House!

Man I love these guys, getting up early yesterday to have breakfast with me before an exceedingly long day of work. I agree is this not the best photo, but it was the best I was able to get...sorry guys.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

O' Root of Jesse!

Ok last post because I need some sleep.

As you know we have entered to last few days of Advent (Dec-17-24). As such we are in to the time of the O' Antiphons. Wednesday 19, 2007 will be: O' Root of Jesse. Here is a video I found...enjoy your anticipation journey during Advent. Peace

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Ok this is the first LOLcat I have seen that I laughed out loud upon seeing in a long time, just too good. enjoy

Does this guy work at Fayette Piedmont?

Jack, can you shed any light on this...? Does your dad know him?

funny pictures

Should have taken Advent off

I know a few bloggers that have taken Advent off...maybe I should have done that, but I did not. Well as you know it has been quite busy during Advent. I am getting flack from Jack G. who is a faithful reader, so I am going to stay up late tonight and post of few fun things. When I get the chance I will put up a few photos from my rapid trip to the west coast (more on that later). So here is my first fun thing: quite a video of a guy going nuts at a car wash, not sure what happened but it is not so good for that carwarsh...enjoy