Saturday, April 04, 2009


...but I think fake. Enjoy

Friday, April 03, 2009

Juxtapa what????

Street signs.

I hate seeing all sorts of signs advertising stuff on the corners these days. After the hail storm there were tons of roof repair signs up. They drive me nuts. Well these signs popped up on the corner of Highway 74 & Sandy Creek, argghhhh. I thought about stopping and taking them down but I have been busy this week. Well on Wednesday I was on my way to Christian City (a local nursing home) and saw that these guys had put there sign on the corner of a small local cemetery...I could not let this stand. So I stopped and uprooted them, after that I called the company to complain. I took them home and made my own sign., which you can see below. I went out today to put my sign out and to uproot their two signs on my street. I now have another sign to put up...what should I put on the sign?

Call to complain if you like: The offending corner was the cemetery on the corner of Milam Rd and Lees Lake Rd.

My street corner with my new sign. You can see it as you drive. Have a suggestion on what else I should put up?


You have seen the Sham-Wow and the Chop a combined riff on both themes with a dose of spiritual well being to be advertised. Enjoy

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Four years ago today...

...heaven gained our beloved Pope.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This is too precious not to share. Enjoy

not so new

remember my new baby? well no t so new now
on way back from Waffle Home this morning skid and hit the high curb
Juan and I are fine...just a bit shaken up, my new baby now has some serious damamge
more photos later.

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UPDATE: Ok so it was not as good as last year, but I thought it worked fooled my mom, and one brother and one sister (only for a moment with KGF). The color is technically the same. I thought I would go with a grainy photo (found on the interwebs). I also thought the funny way this post was formatted added to its uniqueness...and maybe believability? I hope you had a chuckle, guess you all can see through me so no April Fool's joke next year ;-)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Prius 2009

I got my signing pen, ready to buy a car!

There she is, a beauty huh?

The front view.

The old and the new, all for a great price!!!!

So close

Smells like a...

At the dealership now, more later!


Ok, so this is fake but sure looks like some fun, would be a fun idea. Here is the link to the company website. Enjoy


4 crosswords 4 sudoku 5 blood draws and I am done!!!

Hypoglycemia, part 3

Third and fourth blood draws are done. Still sleepy. Almost done!!!!!

Hypoglycemia, part 2

Second blood draw...I am getting sleepy.

Hypoglycemia, and other stuff..,

Well I am starting this morning off at the Dr.'s office getting a
glucose tollerance test. They drew the first bit of blood, I drank the
orange drink (wow) and now I wait. This of course is nothing too much
to handle.

In other news my 93 year old grandmother broke her leg yesterday. So
keep a good thought and say a prayer for her and my grandpa and mom.

Rosie appears to be on the mend. Blood test last week seemed to
indicate that she is slowly getting better. Another test this week
should give us a much better idea if where she is healthwise. Thanks
for your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did you know?

Get ready here is a whole bunch of facts...enjoy!