Saturday, September 06, 2008

Br. Elliott Maloney, O. S. B.

Br. Elliott was my scripture prof from St. Vincent. You can find his
name in your NAB if you go looking. He is in town for the week and we
are having dinner tonight with Frs. Small and Kingery at The Hil. A
photo of dinner will soon follow.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Look who Google found...

You have been looking for years, looks like he has been in NYC all along.

Weekly LOLz



dom deluise, cannonball run, paul prudhomme

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

song chart memes

and, uhhh, thanks?

fail owned pwned pictures

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Recent Deaths

Well like I said it has been a busy week. One of the things that has been taking up some time has been the passing of two wonderful men. I just knew that this week that these two men's deaths were close. As I left Mass on Tuesday I asked the people at Mass to pray for Henry Schnittker & Wil "Bubb" Landry, that God's will might be done in their lives and hopefully a peaceful death. Well just after lunch on Tuesday I got the call that Henry had died. Thursday morning after Mass I asked the people gathered for Mass to pray for Bubb, since they had done such a God job of praying Henry to a peaceful death. Well I had planned to go see Bubb this morning, but the phone rang on my end before I could get down there. Of course the other end of the phone, just about half and hour after I had asked for prayers, had news that Bubb had died. Well it has been a rough road for both families, but Henry and Bubb are at peace and I think that comforts their families as well. So if you don't mind say a prayer for Henry and Bubb and thier families. Thanks!

Slow posting

Sorry about not doing much posting the past two weeks. It has been rather hectic with ministry, other work things for the Archdiocese, training for my upcoming races, dealing with 2 deaths etc...I will be trying to get a bit more out there as I can. Thanks for sticking by me! Peace