Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

See, he does know me

Not my confirmation day but I still got my photo with the Archbishop.

Party at the Archbishops

Priest council picnic. More later.

Performance Piece

This guy gets his hair kinda cut while lip-syncing to Be my Baby by The Ronettes. I don't think I could do something like this, that is shave my head. Although come to think of it maybe that could be the bet if I don't loose enough weight? What do you think? Enjoy the video.

Oh and I am not responsible for any links in the video screen once the video is over.


It makes me itch all over just watching it...warning, not for the squeamish!


Of course you have seen this little fellow by now, and you remember this guy from two weeks ago...behold the Dramatic Cat!!!!! finally an animal who is dramatic and one I can love!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Having fun yet?

I hope you who are joining me on this journey are having fun. From what I gather there are those who are having a tough time of it, just like me, and others who are advanced in their push-up prowess. I did my first week last week (Level 2) and did not think it went so well, so I am repeating the First week this week. Just wondering where you are in your journey? Leave a comment here and let everyone see how you are doing. Peace

Totally Cheesy...

...and I can't wait to see it! Or I will probably just take a pass on this one since my Rosie is not in it.

Game bird?!

I love the game Tap Tap Revolution for the iPhone. I have enjoyed playing the game with others as well, yes I lost to Jack G the other night, but usually I win. Anyway I think I have found an opponent in this bird, check it out...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Great idea

This is a wonderful idea for helping people see more clearly. Adaptive eye-wear, who would of thought. Enjoy

Good news

We finally got some news from Deacon Bill in Nicaragua, while he is there with the CRS Global Fellows on an immersion trip. All seems to be going well and he is a bit homesick (just like kids at camp) but he will be home on Friday, I am sure that will be soon enough. Here is a bit of a note he wrote home.

Today we are going to a coffee cooperative run by women . Should be interesting. We have seen cheese making, goat farming, organic farming, housing developments, pottery making, and marble works. And a fertilizer farm complete with chicken poop. Tell Vic this would be the place for him, everything is free range. We just have to be careful not to hit them as we drive down the dirt and rock roads. We are leaving for Mataluga today and will be there till Thurs. afternoon when we head to Managua. Our group is very compatible. They have been good to travel with. Our driver has done a good job. Driving is somewhat perilous at times. Roads, other than the Pan American hwy, are horrendous. It is amazing to me to see so much joy and peace among such poverty. They are just a beautiful people. And so generous and grateful. I am hugging the old ladies and holding and kissing the babies. Held a 45 day old baby last evening at Mass.Just wonderful and she was gorgeous.

Lets keep him and all the Global Fellows in our prayers.

This is pretty good.

Henry Karlson over at Vox Nova put up this fun video about the upcoming elections and who Catholics can and may vote for and the reasons for how and why. Enjoy...

Sunday, August 03, 2008