Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday FAILures


Technology and animals

We have all seen animals respond curiously to different technology, like a vacuum, but what happens with a real dog meets a fake dog? Enjoy

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's a Bus, it's a's a Brain?

Wired has a post up about a new dual-mode vehicle. Give it a read and then you can watch the video...kinda cool.

This should be good news to most people

You know DEET, well it has some nasty stuff in it and I generally don't like to use it, but I will when I must. Well here is some good news, hopefully something better...and soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy day & woe...

Well it was a busy one today with a trip to the Court of Appeals, then the Archdiocesan Finance Office, then to a clergy meeting at the Cathedral then back here for Mass and work I should have gotten done in between all the other stuff...oh well. I hope you day has not been as hectic. I have spoken to a few people and heard a bunch of heart ache and woe this week, so give this Josh Groban song a listen and know you are loved! Peace

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cats get a shearing

This is Ruth and her lovely assistant Lorren. On Monday Ruth gave the cats their annual shearing, I think Lorren mostly just watched. When Lorren was about to be born Ruth and Jim (side note...keep Jim in your prayers, after chemo and other treatments looks like they might have found a spot it could be something it could be nothing, so he is going for a scan, but as you can imagine this time is a bit tense, so a few prayers I am sure would be appreciated by Jim and Ruth) came to find out about Baptism and we got on the topic of cats and getting their fur trimmed back and wouldn't you know Ruth said she could do it...SWEET! Well that was a few years ago and each year about this time, Lilly and Ooti get a summer haircut. Well the whole process works like this. I get up early and give the cats a sedative, for Ruth and their protection. It takes affect pretty quickly and the cats slow down considerably. Then Ruth stops by to pick up the cats and about an hour later they are done. The picts you can find below...

Well since I now have this blog I knew I should get some photos and since it was just too cute to see the cats going about their so slowly and clumsily I also took some video. Enjoy

Sad News

Last night my brother-in-law Joe lost his father Charles Foust. Joe, and my nephew Greg, went to Miami to see his mom and be with his family for the day. I should have more info later, so for now if you would keep him in your prayers. Thanks