Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello to all the visitors

There is nothing too see here...move along...or stay if you like!

Well with my blog getting mentioned on The Deacon's Bench (this guy knows Colbert) and in the Georgia Bulletin...and if you follow some of the links even Whispers in the Loggia, oh my. It has generated a fair bit of traffic...well I will enjoy the traffic while it lasts. Too all you who are new around here if you like what you see, stop in now and then and say hello. Peace

Friday, February 22, 2008

Audio Illusions

The boingers had a good piece up today about audio illusions. Go here to see the article, and here to see the original post. I tried the first one and it was just a stereo illusion, kinda cool. The second one here was really neat, just wondering what you heard when you listen to it. The third one was kinda neat, amazing how the brain works. The fourth one took me some time but I could feel it working, seemed as if it ebbed and flowed. The fifth one, really shows how nicely the brain works. Enjoy

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oldie but a goodie


This is just sad

Ever hear of predatory lending? I have been seeing more and more of this, but this article takes the cake...err...makes me sick to my stomach.

It's kinda cool

Could you imagine if this was your house? It might be fun, but I think the novelty would fade really quickly. Check it out. Enjoy

Subprime Mortgage Crisis???


LOLCats and those pesky missionaries at your door.

Humorous Pictures

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun with Food

A parishioner sent me these photos the other day. It combines two of my favorites, food and funny images. Enjoy

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Oh no! I am embarrassed for him. This guy needs some remedial training...

Busy Tuesday

Well it is Tuesday here at St. Matthew and the parish is a buzzin' with activities. I did not get out my camera early enough to capture the cleaners, but here is the Bible study, counters, and the group working on putting the mosaic together. It is nice to see so many people active today, especially when I have such a low level of energy. See you tonight at the Penance Service. Peace

The New House

Well Angela, Richard and Family, just moved into their new home, so since I was already out there we decided to bless the new home. It was a small party of close friends. We had a lovely time and everyone enjoyed all the Holy Water, yipee! Enjoy

Fun times in Utah

Well I have already shown you the photos from my snowboarding, well that was only part of the fun this past weekend. On Sunday afternoon we took the kids bowling and on Monday we took them sledding. Lots of fun for all. Enjoy the photos.


I am guessing the calendars are 50% off because they are wrong? Notice January 1st on this calendar is on Sunday...FAIL


I ate a tremendous amount of good food this past weekend. Here are a few photos. Notice the kids having a picnic on the floor, that is what happens when your new furniture has not come in yet.

St. Catherine Newman Center

Well here are some photos from my preaching this weekend and St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center at the University of Utah. All in all it was a pretty light weekend because of the generosity of Fr. Daniel Rolland, OP and Fr. Peter Rogers, OP (Pastor). Fr. Daniel was kind enough to celebrate the 5 and 8:30, I celebrated the 10:45 and Fr. Peter showed up to celebrate the 7, so I had one Mass to celebrate and four Masses to preach, such a sweet deal. Combine all this with seeing some old friends, being with family, working for CRS and snowboarding a bit, it was a great weekend.

This is Kelly and Chad Rosamond and family. Kelly was a CYO member of mine in Rome Georgia when I was a seminarian. She is a member of the Newman Center as well. Eat your heart out Pamela!!!

Do I always look like this when I preach?

So serious!

Look at those hands, yikes!

Friday was a day to shop

Well on Friday we not only ate at Ruth's Diner but we had some shopping to do for the Green's new home. Since the three older kids were off to ski club and the youngest in day care, we took Nathaniel with us shopping, boy did we have some fun...and got furniture and shopping overload, enjoy the photos.

Back Home

Well I got bumped from my flight yesterday afternoon and put on the red-eye and got home this morning early and with 400$ DeltaDollars too boot. More posting from the weekend coming soon, sorry for all the delay. Peace