Saturday, August 23, 2008


Me in the ice bath. Remember it Is only 20 minutes!

Ice bath!!!!!!

Do you know what all this is for?


Well, it was a great race. I feel great and aside from a few spills it seemed as if everyone survived without much damage. The water had lots and lots of water grass which made most people look like the creature from the black lagoon! The bike course was great, even if it did start to rain. The run was my best ever...guess all that training for the marathon is paying dividends. My overall time was the best I have ever done. There were lots and lots of Catholics running this race, quite a few from St. Matthew. I think we should start our own Triathlon Club for Catholics (I am sure there is a clever name in there somewhere...) Anyway I am tired and gonna go soak in the ice and then get a naps. See you all soon. Thanks for the support and the prayers!

Daily LOLz


Reverse Graffiti

Environmental Graffiti has a great post up about 35 of the Best Reverse Graffiti of all time. This is some spectacular stuff. Here are two videos they have posted...really cool. Enjoy

They also have coverage of an art installation that went a mess...

After race meal...

Where do all the cool racers go after a long race? It should not
surprise you! Photos of and fun soon. I did the race in
1:30:16....right on my time goal!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Photo

See the new photo to the left? It is thanks to Jack G. a frequent reader and sometime commenter on this very blog. He is quite an accomplished photographer. Thanks Jack great photo. Here is the larger photo.

Click photo for larger view

Daily LOLz


Wheel of Fortune

I like this show quite a bit. When my dad was dying at home we watched it each night. I have friends (you know who you are) who watch this show more than they go to church, not that I am judging. Here are some clips that I found, well...




Easter Christmas

Last Sunday we went to our annual staff "Easter/Christmas Meal". We started doing it in the summer since it was always so busy around those feasts. It has worked out really well for us. We usually do dinner somewhere but decided that this year we would do a brunch. We want to go to The Hil (a great place by the way) for their brunch but they were closed for summer vacation. So we went to The Wahoo Grill (another wonderful place). They sat us outside under some coverings with the fans going full blast and shooting out a mist of water. The water was great but where I was seated it was more like a shower...oh the sacrifices I make. We all had a wonderful time and left with very fully (some said stuffed) bellies. The photos of the group gathered are below. Also below you will the the feet and people shots that I take. I have posted some here before but I need to do it more for you. Don't know why I do it but I have done it for a good while now and no plans on slowing down. Enjoy

The feet above and the people below

The feet above and the people below

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well I have another Triathlon on Saturday in the Tri-PTC. I know that there are lots of Catholics competing in this race. The ones I know are listed below, do you know any? Let me know. Peace

Fr. Victor Galier
Maureen Lilly
Shannon Diaz

The Birds!!!!

These guys/gals (???) showed up today and took rest on the cross. Kind of creepy and cool all at the same time. Rennie thinks they were turkey vultures.

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Photos from a while ago

Remember when I went to Rhode Island to see Fr. Joe? When I had that great ice cream? Well here are some photos I took before I left the Church the morning I left. It was the day I was headed to Boston and then to Cape Cod? I posted this from the road? They were having a hot air balloon festival that weekend. It was a magical way to start the day. Enjoy

Break out the kleenex

You have been warned!

(h/t S. Neslin)

UPDATE: Looks as if there is loads of stuff out there about Christian the Lion.

Loosing weight

This is why I need to loose some weight...

(h/t to L Roberts)

UPDATE: The NYT comes to my rescue with health and weight loss, kinda!

I kinda thought this

With the way he plays I knew this must be true on some level...enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too much

The packaging for phones and technology is getting pretty nice, but this is ridiculous!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Question for you today

I really like this song. Do you know why one might think it is appropriate today? And why they would be wrong? A waffle is on the line. Enjoy

UPDATE: Well I think JB and I were going in the same direction on this question. However there were two other answers given that could work as well, however they were the wrong King Wenceslaus. So I will Officially declare it a tie and I will eat a waffle as my reward for making that judgement.

Monday, August 18, 2008

100 Push up challenge

So how are you doing? I did my test at the end of week #2 and did not do so well. So I am going to redo week #2, although at a higher level. I hope that I am able to do a bit better this week, we shall see. So lets hear how you are doing (especially if are related to me). Peace

Cheering Chinese style

I am sure you have been hearing the cheering at the Olympics, not just the cheering you are doing at home (FWIW I think they CAN hear you cheer all the way from here) but all the cheering from the crowds. Well there is an official way to cheer for and in China (does not surprise me) here is a video if you really want the full experience. Enjoy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lunch photos

Photo from brunch

Happy Easter & Merry Christmas

I know it is not the right time but the staff is out to celebrate.
More later.