Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sorry about last week

I forgot last week. I will put up the insert as soon as I can. Peace

Read this doc on Scribd: 040608

Friday, April 04, 2008

Georgia tourism

I am out and about u know where I am? More later...

UPDATE: It was the World of Coke and the Lowther's WIN! Way to go crowd, ask me for your prize when you get to Church this weekend. Photos from the fun soonly. Peace

Thursday, April 03, 2008


You know how much I love animals and all, so I want you to see a bit of animal life you probably do not see much of, if at all (if you want some seriously disturbing images of the way animals are treated for our benifit, let me know, but be prepared to be shocked...this ain't your grandpa's farm life). Friday on Oprah, Lisa Ling will do an investigative report on puppy mills. Those cute dogs in the dog stores and dogs at flea markets not always come from the most reputable breeders; not that we need to breed more dogs (almost 80,000 dogs and cats put down in metro Atlanta last year). Anyway Tivo it or record it or watch it, I am sure it will be heart breaking and really sad. If you need some resources on how to get involved in helping animals live somewhat decent lives you can go here, here or here (warning some of these sites have links to very disturbing images...please keep that in mind as you surf). Peace

UPDATE: The Humane Society of the United States has this as a follow-up to the show. Peace

Taco eating championship

Two of Macintosh soccer teams finest were having a taco eating contest at The Bell. The kid named Evan is the winner. More later...
Now it is later so here is some more...
The bet was to see who could finish ten tacos first. Evan won hands down, the other kid looked to weigh about #125 at best, not sure he had a chance. I know these kids were just having some fun, but on another level let us not forget about the poor. The preferential option for the poor, would make us ask the question: What about the 30,000? Not to be a "Debbie Downer" but we must see our choices and actions, while keep the poorest of the poor in our mind as well. Peace

Karen Foust

Happy Birthday!!!

Well today is the birthday of my sister, Karen Foust! The photo below is from the ING Half-Marathon from last year, just before Karen crossed the finish line, her second half marathon (I think she is doing the half again in OKC in a few weeks as well). Karen is a frequent commenter in here, her nick is kgf. If you would like to wish her happy birthday, you can leave her a comment on this post, she will read it there. I will not tell you how old Karen is today, but I will tell you that if she had been in Memphis, Tennessee for Martin Luther King's Mountaintop speech she would have been 8 years old.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is stunning

Ever seen The Awakening in Washington DC? It is something quite special here is a small image, if you would like to see this photo in a much larger size click here.

Local News

It has taken a while to get back to STBM but here is the next part. I loathe watching local news, there I said it! I always find the reports to not offer much depth to a situation, or they offer too much on stuff that is of no real consequence. If there is something fairly minor happening, they offer tons of "in depth" coverage...stuff like: a tree falling on a house that no one was in; a tire crashes through the roof of a house no one was in; bad weather rumbles across the city (not the tornadoes, although how much more coverage can they provide); then an in depth investigation into one family and their trying times with some health/money/school/personal problems. All this then they wrap up the "world news" in under one minute, well thanks a whole bunch I am sure you are giving all the info on world news in that one jam packed minute...THANKS! Now do you understand why I do not like local news? It gets worse!

Stuff that bugs me: #2: The teasing local news does to make you watch until later in the broadcast. Something like my beloved LOLcats shows here:

Humorous Pictures

This kind of stuff drives me nuts. When I am at someones house and they are watching local news and the newscasters do this I end up screaming at the TV every time they say something very frightening and then it actually turns our to be quite harmless...but they scared us anyway, whoopee. Then if that is not bad enough (or they don't have any great hooks to get you to be scared) now most news shows have another news show that follows the main news, eg. The Edge on Fox ATL. The whole regular news cast is filled with the host for The Edge, telling us what is coming up on the next news show or if in some way a news/weather/sports story could leave you hanging then they will, then they say..."Join us on The Edge to find out more" Arrrrgggghhhhh.


These folks just keep getting bigger and bigger. Here are some new LOLz for you to enjoy. Warning, if you follow some of the links they will lead to stuff you will probably find objectionable, so don't click unless you are an adult, with a finely tuned sense of humor. Enjoy

funny graphs

funny graphs

Gen Sherman - If you canĂ¢��t win fair, burn it  to the ground

humorous pictures

Humorous Pictures

Humorous Pictures

Humorous Pictures

cute puppy pictures

funny dog pictures

cute puppy pictures

Update: Sorry about the R. Kelly graph, I must have not seen the bit at the bottom of the graph, sorry.

One more then I am off to bed

I forgot to load this video. It is from dinner with my Easter family, mentioned here. This was a fun little toy brought out, which also brought out more laughter. Enjoy

Something to think about

Now don't try to go to deep into thought about this but it is quite nice. For some reason I cannot believe Parker and Stone are part of this but I guess they are. Peace

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

OLM Senior's Attack!

This morning some of the seniors from OLM stopped by to ask me some questions. It was part of a spiritual scavenger hunt they did on their special senior day. Well the questions were pretty harmless. After they were done with me they were off to collect a few more things, then head to the Cathedral for Mass, then to the Varsity for lunch, lucky kids. Anyway here are some photos. Peace

This is just fun to watch

I have always enjoyed seeing dogs and cats enjoy such simple stuff. When I was in college there was a dog that I could see from my dorm that would just run a figure 8 in the yard behind our dorm. I used to get so tickled watching that little fellow run I was not drunk. Anyway here is a funny dog enjoying his toy, the family pool. Enjoy

I get upset but this???

Not like this...oh my! If you don't like the site of blood do not watch this. This guy is nuts!

awesome news and sad news

Well I have been under strict silence, since about the beginning of February, over some huge news but now that we are out of March I can tell you. I wanted to make it a more public statement last week at all the Sunday Masses, but I could not (contractual obligations, so I will have more details this Sunday at each Mass) so here goes...

Well you know that Oprah has a new show called Oprah's Big Give, well they were in Palmetto a few months back filming part of an episode. Well the producers heard about our Adventures in Stewardship and the return we had, and they loved the idea and wanted to meet me to discuss the program and how it worked. Well after speaking with Archbishop Gregory and the producers of the show, guess who is going to be on the show next season??? That is correct...ME! I could not believe it myself once things started to fall together. It seemed as if there was some divine plan to get me on the show. I have had to fly to Chicago twice for interviews, plus numerous phone interviews and tons of stuff written (I felt like I was back in seminary with all the writing) to explain my philosophy of service and my work with CRS. This new season will take place not only in the USA but also around the world! Sweet huh? I will leave at the end of May to begin filming the show, I cannot wait. Now for the sad news...

After speaking with the Archbishop at length about my involvement in the show, he was quite clear that if I went on the show I could not stay as Pastor of St. Matthew. He felt the amount of time I will need to give to the show would be too much for me to maintain my pastoring of St. Matthew, I did not think so but, he is the boss and all. He and I have had numerous conversations about the ramifications of my decision to go on the show, but I know that there will be other parishes to work in...this is after all for a good cause...I mean I will get to meet Oprah and could win $1,000,000! I just know the good people of St. Matthew would want me to meet Oprah and to win some cash! Who knows maybe I will be assigned to a parish close by (say 45 minutes or less commute) and some people could just follow me over there (it is not unheard of 'don't ya' know'). Heck if I win the money I am sure people will be flocking to wherever I am. I am sorry this news has had to come out like this but I think it is the best way I have of getting news out to people who are concerned with what is happening in my life--I know this because Google Analytics tells me that more than 100 people a day stop by the blog, Thanks for your understanding in all this and as Bartles and James used to say..."And thank you for your support."

UPDATE: Well as most of you have guessed this way my foray into April Fools frivolity. Yes the entire post was a joke. I have had tons of calls and plenty of emails about this one. Most people caught on, some played along (Fr. Bryan & David Long) and others (AFGG, ACG & KGF my siblings) did not get it at first and then wised up a bit. It was meant if the spirit of fun so I hope you took it as such. If you notice in the original post there were a few markers that could have clued you in. 1. The time was 4:01 (April 1); 2. The date of the post itself could lead to suspicion; 3. The ellipsis at the very end of the post is actually three links to April Fools sites; 4. I would never leave St. Matthew to try to win a million dollars (unless it was on The Amazing Race) seriously I am wealthy beyond measure with such a wonderful parish family; 5. Oprah would never put me on one of her shows...I would upstage her! Peace

Monday, March 31, 2008

This is for Z. Green

Hey there buddy, know that your uncle loves you. :-">

I love this stuff...what a relief

Click on it and enjoy the popping goodness.

A challenge for your Monday

Here is a great sense challenge. I was able to get 10 out of 20 the first time about you?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video of the Baptisms from the Vigil

It is a big file...enjoy!

(h/t: Cynthia Welsh)

More Vigil photos


(h/t Cynthia Welsh)

Slow down Sunday

If you are too busy to slow down today, enjoy this slowdown video. Peace