Saturday, March 01, 2008

My priesteem is doing just fine

We had another volleyball match on Friday night. We did just fine. We won two out of three games and took the match. Here are a few photos. Enjoy

This is just sad...

I read this article and thought how sad for these people. Well I am sure there is someone somewhere thinking this is sad, no sympathy here. It just seems to me the standard operating procedure for big business, even one going down the tube. It is just sad...

Friday, February 29, 2008

Lenten pick me up

Need a Lenten boost? Here you go...enjoy

Well look what happened

While in DC this week, the Catholics who descended on Capital Hill were lobbying on behalf of PEPFAR and a spending increase of 50 Billion. We look what happened the very night after our visits. Makes me proud to know that a unified Catholic voice did produce some results. Peace

Catholic Lingo

Ever heard the phrase "defrocked" about a priest dismissed from the clerical state? Well not so fast. Edward Peters over at In the Light of the Law, has a nice piece up about "defrocked". Enjoy

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pet kind.

This is just too cute. I got this from The Deacon's Bench. Enjoy

Improv Everywhere

Well Improv Everywhere has struck again. If you have never heard of IE you can go check them out, funny crowd. This time it pokes fun at people who bring their computers into Starbucks. Usually people bring laptops, not these folks. Funny, enjoy!

Cool shelves

These shelves are great. I love neat design ideas like these. The one above is my favorite. enjoy

Font update

Well the font is coming along swimmingly. (pun intended) We have three coats of sealant on the interior. The mosaic is moving right along. Thank for all who are making this project move well, and making it so special because of the work of all of you, our fellow parishioners, are doing. We should be done by Easter...keep praying.

Bagel and ???

So after the CSMG I flew out of DCA. I got there earlier than I needed in hopes of getting on an earlier flight, but none where had, no worries. I went to the Crown Room and relaxed. I also used their massage chair for a while and my back thanked me for the time in the massage chair. Anyway I needed lunch so I went to a bagel company named after a famous scientist called "Famous scientist last name, bro.'s" (notice how I am not saying their name???) Anyway I am a bit miffed so I would like to start a new meme for this blog titled : Stuff that bugs me.

Stuff that bugs me: #1: Not getting what you ordered...or better..."here is what you paid us for but we did not go through all the steps of putting it together like you wanted, so here go do it yourself."
Let me explain. I went to that bagel place and ordered a Peanut butter & Jelly Bagel, toasted. Well it was a bagel, with peanut butter, toasted. I only realized that it did not have the jelly when I sat back down in the Crown Room to eat it. So I packed up all my stuff and went to find out why no jelly. When I got back down to that bagel store and asked about my jelly the young lady working said: "Oh", as she handed me three packets of jelly, "sorry about that. Have a good day." What??? No I paid you for a PB&J bagel, now that is what I want; I thought silently. But wha... But how... Didn I pay you for your labor to put it all together for me. The look on my face must have tipped her off that I was confused/upset so she said: "Oh, the knifes are at the end of the bar you can spread it on down there...Next customer please." I am sure I looked the part of a spoiled brat as I mumbled to myself and spread my jelly on my bagel. I thought, and not too unfounded I believe, that the PB&J bagel would have all parts already included, guess not...That just bugs me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CSMG: Day 2: Busy Afternoon

Well we have had a busy day. I am kinda tired so all you get is some photos. Oh and I ran in to two former Altar servers from my first parish Holy Spirit. It was a good day, but busy. Here are the photos. Enjoy

My visits are done. We visited with Sen's Isakson & Chamblis. Went to 5 offices on the House side, including Westmoreland. More later peace

Look who is here

Archbishop Gregory here/NOW speaking to the CSMG. Keep everyone going to the Hill, going on pilgramage says the Archbishop, keep us all in your prayers. Peace

CSMG: Day 2: Sudan & Darfur

Have been in a meeting all morning hearing what the Catholic Church is doing in the region. USCCB & CRS & others. Such a sad situation glad to hear there is some good news coming from this region. Pray for peace in the Horn of Africa

Monday, February 25, 2008

Off to the Hill tomorrow

Well the big day will be here tomorrow, guess I should get some sleep huh? I and all the others from the CSMG will be off to the Hill to speak with our legislators. I will be going to a meeting with Senator Johnny Isakson. Archbishop Gregory will be giving us a talk and then a blessing before we go (when I say we I mean the whole CSMG) it will be good to have Archbishop Gregory here with us. The Archbishop will be going to meet other Senators and will have a meeting with Senator Saxby Chambliss. Keep us in your prayers and I will be more sporadic tomorrow with posts. Peace


Windstorm in Denmark...guess you could call this a gale FAIL.

CSMG: Day 1: Afternoon Sessions

This afternoon was powerful. Ms. Lesley-Anne Knight, Secretary general of Caritas Internationalis. She was wonderful and had the audience eating out of her hand. I was so touched by the way she approached many difficult issues. Caritas is truly blessed to have her as their leader. Here a couple photos (one with me as well).

At the end of Ms. Knight's talk she showed these slides which were parts of her talk...simply moving, make sure to check them out!

CSMG: Day 1: Morning Sessions

Mr. John Carr
from the USCCB gave the morning Plenary talk this was great.

John Carr's slides were good as usual

Dr. Norman C. Francis, President of Xavier University, gave the the Domestic Plenary.

Msgr Ray East being his charming self.

More later...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Off to DC back on Wednesday

Well I am headed to the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington DC. I am going on behalf of CRS. It will be a good time of renewal in the Social Teaching of the Church...I will also be attending meetings with our Senators this Tuesday with Archbishop Gregory. Keep us in your prayers. Peace

This Father is proud!

So I went to my Waffle House for breakfast between the two Masses. While there, an elderly couple pulled up and was having difficulties with their car was obviously driving people in the restaurant a bit crazy. Well it was apparent to everyone they needed help...guess who came to the rescue??? Two of my sons (parishioners) that's who....does this Father proud. Thank you Lord for such generous children.