Saturday, May 03, 2008


These should be helpful

I think some of this info will come in helpful for my journey to Japan.

I hope I don't have to use any of the very deeps bows...

What is God saying here?

What do you think God might be wanting me to know in this image? You know how much I enjoy Taco Bell, especially since they have been making good strides in employment issues. But maybe God is trying to tell me something...any thoughts? Click image for larger image.

OMG, this guy is lucky!

Just watch this...


Not nearly as spectacular as (this) but still nice to see.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday FAILures

First of a few or many, depends on what I can find. Enjoy the FAIL!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Song stuck in your head

Ever get a song stuck in your head?
No: Really? come on of course you do
Yes: Then watch this, but watch out...might get something stuck in your head again.

Cold water?

People think water in the baptismal font is too cold, what if we did something like this? Eeeeekkk!


This is just too cool not to share with you. Zero G boomerang! Enjoy

BTW, if you notice a bit more Japan stuff, it is because that is where I am doing my retreat this year and need to get my reading and language skill a bit more honed in. More info on my Japan journey soon. Peace

National Day of Prayer

Today is the Nation Day of Prayer. You can learn more about it here. Over at Vox Nova you know those nova-ites have some good stuff up as well. Below you will find a video produced by two of the nova-ites. Enjoy

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bulletin & Insert for 5MAY08

Read this doc on Scribd: 050408 new

One more and I am off to bed

This is just too cute, I had to share it. G'night!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cool photos

Head over to the Daily Mail for a unique set of photos...really cool!


OK here is another one for you to think about...let's see who is first with the correct answer.

Bob was bragging about the ranch he had purchase, when Carlos commented that it was probably just a "dinky little" two horse farm. Bob thrust out his chest and replied, "My ranch, I'll have you know, has all horses but two, all cows but two, and all sheep but two." How many animals does Bob own?

UPDATE: The answer is Bob has three animals, see the comments for a good explanation. John Graham was our winner. ACG (my brother) came in with an early guess, which was not correct, Mark S. and John S. had correct answers but were too late. Congratulations John.

Dog day

As some of you know, we are a dog friendly office here at St. Matthew. I am sure it was Fr. Jim Miceli at St. Mary in Rome that helped me enjoy dogs as an indispensable part of any parish office. The Georgia Bulletin did an article in 2005 about the joy of priest and their pets...they did not get me on that one (my feelings are not hurt...really, MY FEELINGS ARE NOT HURT IN ANY WAY!!!). Anyway, today was a busy dog day here at the parish, five of our four legged family members were here. Rosie, Molly, Bernie, Hudson & Rocky. Here are the photos...enjoy!

Found camera

I could not find my camera for the past few days. I had told you over here that I would post some photos from the Braves game I went to last week. Well since I could not find my photos. Well I prayed to St. Anthony of Padua (patron of lost articles) and he came through. So without any further ado, here are the photos from the Braves game. Enjoy

Another First Communion photo

What an angel? And doesn't Grace look holy as well?

First Communion photos

We had our First Communion for the children last weekend. It was a wonderful Mass, the children looked so cute and it was a very special time for our Parish Family. I have been sent some photos from different families, here are a few. If you have photos of the First Communion and would like them posted, just send them to me and I will put them up. Peace

What a beautiful class.

Family members await their First Communicants.

And here they come, looking o' so Holy!

Wilson even got a Kiki cake for his party...lucky guy. FWIW, the cake was AWESOME!

Fr. Vic rulz the Wii tennis tournament, even while seated (dang, he is really good!) Jamie is also quite an accomplished Wii Sport champion. Even in real life Jamie is quite a sport champion, notice the medal she won in Volleyball earlier that day!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trippy time

(photo from VWS photostream)

This is just too cool. Click on image to see a huge version...awesome. This is a panoramic view of Dundas Square in Toronto. Just too cool.

Another mindteaser...

You remember this, don't you. Well here is another one. First with correct answer wins. Good luck!

In Hawaii, if you drop a steel ball weighing five pounds from a height of 45 inches, will it fall more rapidly through water at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or water at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Or will it make no difference?

UPDATE:So the winner is our seminarian Mark Starr (darn engineers they ruin the fun so quickly, don't they...heheheheh). The correct answer is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At 20 degrees Fahrenheit the water would be ice.

Stay tuned for more to come. Peace


Well the ladies from St. Benedict in Duluth were here at St. Matthew for 11AM Mass. They had been over at Serenbe for the weekend. They told me they had a wonderful time. If you have not been over to that little slice of heaven in south Fulton county, you should go. They have a number of restaurants and plenty to see and do...or just relax a bit. I have told you about The Hil at Serenbe and how much I love the food. I also really enjoy the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. Well a few weeks ago on a beautiful day off Friday I went out for a nice lunch and a great hike around the was fantastic. Go see for yourself. Here are my photos. Enjoy.

Too cute

I loves me some Boston Terriers, they are a great breed for a number of different reasons...but they are still Terriers and with Terriers you can always have Terrier Terror. I think the guy in this video is just anthropomorphizing the reaction of his dog (which is what most people do which is quite unfair to non-humans) but it is still a cute video. Enjoy.

UPDATE: See like this...

funny dog pictures

Mentos+Diet Coke=Fun!

I am sure you have seen some of this fun stuff...

...but this is really amazing stuff. Oh the video is cool as well.

(Photo: Telegraph UK)

I hate bugs...but not like this!

Oh, get over it!