Friday, September 26, 2008

Been busy in berlin

I will try to put a few things up here for you to read on Satuday (my rest day before he big race) So just give me a few more hours and I will have some wonderful photos and stories of what we have seen and in our first two days...I am tired now, I will do more later.


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you see me?

It is 4:30am local time (although this won't post until later) and we
are on our way to the airport for our flight to Berlin. I know I have
made post in the past about bring up early...but honestly who out
there knew there was a 4:30am as well as 4:30pm???? More later...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 1 and 2 of Madrid

Just getting ready to go eat dinner, man they eat late around here, and thought I would post some photos for your enjoyment. Yesterday was a long one. We got to the hotel and took just a short nap. Then went on a tour with the Free Tour people (like I did last year in Berlin). Then did a little shopping and some more rest. Then off to dinner about 10pm. A short walk back to hotel and a great nights rest. We got up this morning and were off the the Prado for a bit of art. It was wonderful and they had a Caravaggio and plenty of El Greco and Goya (not the black bean guy). After all the art we went to a Charlie Chaplin, which was quite nice and funny. All the art had worn me out and the Chaplin stuff was just the ticket. After that it was time for some lunch (at the Museum of Ham, they are crazy about ham here) and then a siesta. After siesta then a stroll to the Plaza de Espana and the Templo de Debod. When we were leaving the park around the Templo a fly landed on me and stayed with me all the way home, check out the photos below. Ok I need to get ready for dinner. Have a great day! Peace

Birthday is Postponed

Since I have the marathon on Sunday (by the way go back and read this post I had last year) I have to watch what I eat and drink (especailly what I drink) I have decided to celebrate my birthday next Tuesday in Oktoberfest! Doesn't that sound like a much better idea...done with the race and ready to eat and drink!

This looks like fun...

and I am sure somewhat dangerous...enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Made it to Madrid

We made it safely to Madrid. Our Captain, First Officer, and Flight Attendant are all Holy Trinity parishioners...maybe they need to join St. Matthew???? It was a great flight and the service was outstanding as Captain Peter H. (my tennis buddy) told the whole flight crew that it was my birthday this week so they spoiled did not hurt the Jayne was taking care of my section so she was especially attentive. We have checked into the hotel and are getting a short rest then off for a busy day of sightseeing. La Paz!

Jayne our Flight Attendant

Yours truly and our wonderful flight attendant

Kevin, Peter, Me, Jayne, Howard

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ready for takeoff

We are on the plane ready to take off for Madrid. I will try to keep
the posting up while away. Oh did I tell you that a guy from my tennis
team is the captian on the huh? See you later. Peace

Feast Day!

Well we ended our Novena this morning and we went out with a bang! My goodness there were Baptisms, Anointings, new images to bless, singing, dancing and phones being used during Mass. During the homily after realizing the blessing we have from the Lord, I encouraged people to share those blessing immediately (with a reminder to do it every day as well). So you will see photos of people on their phones. It was hectic and wonderful and spirit filled Mass! We are truly blessed here at St. Matthew, what a wonderful family we have!!! I am off to get things finalized at home and then I am off to Madrid. Here are a bunch of photos for you to enjoy, some even have captions. Enjoy!!

New Images of St. Matthew

As many of your know each year we commission a new image of St. Matthew. Well in 2007 I had some trouble getting an artist, but I did find one in 2007 but we had to wait for his backlog to clear and now we have our 2007 image. Also earlier in 2008 I met another artist whom I commissioned to do our 2008 image, so without any further they are!

This one was done by Matthew Alderman an artist from New York City who is also an ND grad: he blogs over at the Shrine of the Holy Whapping. You really do need to see this image up close to see all the symbolism.

St. Matthew-2007

Here is a piece written by Matthew describing our 2007 image of St. Matthew

Our image for 2008 was done by Sheila Chambers an artist from Salt Lake City and a friend on my sister Angela. You can even see her in the photo gallery from the house blessing in SLC. She is in the photo titled "all in prayer". These two images are representations of the Call of the Disciple. The top one is the Call of Matthew the bottom one is the call of the modern person to follow the call of the Lord to be his disciple. They are truly stunning images, again you need to see them in person.

St. Matthew-2008

I could not be more pleased with the images. Thanks to the creators of these images, they will serve our parish family well. Peace to all!