Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Deacons

Last night we had the Ordination of 20 men to the Diaconate. I have taught these guys for the past two years, had three of them for Spiritual Direction, and gave a retreat to these men and their wives. I could not have been happier or more proud. Here are the photos from my seat in First Class (I got to sit on the front pew because the sanctuary was full).

First Friday of Lent dinner

Well it was the First Friday of the Lenten season and there was an ordination in Atlanta to attended, so the Deacons and I invited Fr. Michael and Fr. Bryan out for dinner. Since it was still kinda Chinese New Year we went for Chinese. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, The Green Sprout, they did not let us down. I had the Sweet and Sour Ginger Chicken with the coconut bubble tea, de-lish! Deacon Bill had vegetables and rice, Deacon Gayle had chicken and eggplant, Fr. Bryan had Chicken Fried Rice and Fr. Michael had Cashew Chicken. We had full bellies and we were off to the Ordination.

Office Cleanup

For a Lenten exercise, I cleaned my office. These photos take you through my process.

The first one is from after I had started to clean things up.

Look at all the junk mail and stuff I had to get rid of.

Getting better as I begin to sort and stack the stuff.

Ta-da and basically done. A bit more arranging and the office is cleaner than it was and ready for the Archbishop to visit on Sunday.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is for Zachary Green

Today was Chinese New Year and I went to Chin Chin in Newnan for dinner. Here is a photo for my nephew Zachary Green (and for all of you) to enjoy.

John 20:13, kind of!

This is just too good to pass up. All is fine now, do not be worried.

My type of exercise

funny pictures

Ever need to take a photo of Atlanta

From Peachtree City? This thing might be what you are looking for. It can take a photo from 18-32 miles away. This might work in Oklahoma but here in Georgia with all the hills. I guess you would have to get up really high to make it work well. Funny, I still think I want one, kind of?? no not really...okay maybe really! No! DO NOT WANT.

UPDATE: Link is now working.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

After lunch today, Deacon Gayle and I took photos of our ashes. Mine courtesy of Deacon Jim, and Gayle's courtesy of moi. Enjoy

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Catholic Day at the Capitol

Today was the Catholic Day at the Capitol and I went down to join the faithful to lobby our representatives on two issues presently before them. We were to speak to our representatives regarding HB 185 Death Penalty Bill(asking for a vote of No) and HR 413 & SB 335 English as Official Language of Georgia (asking for a vote of No). I spoke with Senator Ronnie Chance and had to leave a note for Representative Virgil Fludd. I will be doing something similar in Washington DC later this month during the Catholic Social Ministries Gathering, even Archbishop Gregory will be in DC to make our Georgia visits to the Hill this year. Here are some photos for your enjoyment. Peace


I went to Kiku with Fr. Bryan last night for a quick dinner before a movie (Untraceable...more like Unbelievable or Unbearable don't waste your time with that movie). The show at Kiku was much better. Here are the photos so you too can enjoy the fun!

Super Tuesday

Well it's Super Tuesday and yours truly went to do his civic duty. Here are two photos...there is something about that second photo, not sure what it is but I feel like I am glowing...who knows???

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Well look who came for a visit second dog Bullwinkle. He was/is such a good boy with a lively spirit about him. I have not seen him in a while, he looks fine. Enjoy


Guess the move of this house did not go as well as the Church moving below...guess you can call this "waterfront" now!. Enjoy (h/t Doug S for the idea)

Monday, February 04, 2008

From here to comes the church!

Ok this is lots of fun. I sometimes think the construction of the new font is about as much building as I want to do but this I think would send any Pastor over the edge. Enjoy.

Strips of paper, words of strength and power!

Well the font continues to come along nicely. Today they are pouring the concrete and we added all the strips of paper people wrote on this weekend. For those of you who do not know, this weekend our parish family members were asked to write their name and a word of faith on these colorful strips, to be added to the holes in the block with the cement to shore up our fonts strength with a bit of who were are (our names) and a bit of our strength (a word or words of faith). Check out the sideshow to see some of what was written. It was nice to see children and old people giving a bit of themselves to help with the construction of the font. Peace


I have been meaning to post some for a while, sorry about that. Here let me play catchup!
funny pictures

funny pictures

funny pictures

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures
and if you have no idea what this is about you can learn more here.

funny pictures


I felt a bit restricted on the width of the blog so I upped the space, finally a little breathing room...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh