Friday, January 18, 2008


Here ways todays fare at J. Christopher's in PTC. I love their blueberry crunch cakes, yummy.

Rosie not feeling 100%

Well Rosie has not been doing great this week since Rocky jumped on top of her. Each time she got up from a nap, which seems to be often in her life, she would yelp and then pull her left front leg up and bend her neck in pain. So we went to her vets office today and she seems to be on the mend, with some good meds. On a side note keep Dr. Watts and his family in your prayers, he hit his dog with his car accidentally and the dog is not doing so well. Peace

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is just too good...

Run away! Run away!...Err...RETREAT (Part II)

Well, although it is icy and snowy and treacherous outside, I am venturing to the Ignatius House for my day of leading the soon-to-be-ordained men. Say some prayers for them and their family, and me and my journey. I will post some photos upon my return. Thanks. Peace

UPDATE: Now with photo goodness...enjoy!


Ever seen this commercial?

Well it looks like someone tried to remake it in Rome as a protest. The commercial was beautiful but the protest, well...maybe?

This is a law my cats obey!

Funny Pictures

Font update...

Well, things are moving full steam ahead with the construction of the new font. Linda has the final on the mosaic and it looks wonderful. Here are a couple of photos of Bob and his pit. Enjoy

Thank you!

After the Court of Appeals luncheon, I had a meeting about an hour after the luncheon and about a mile away, so I found myself with some time to kill. So I stayed at the restaurant and worked a bit more on my Thank you cards for if you are waiting just know I send them out once they are all finished, so know that I am working on them and they should be in your mailbox soonly. Peace

Court of Appeals

I think some of you know that I work on the Provincial Court of Appeals here in the Archdiocese. Well yesterday we had our annual luncheon and it was some fun. Here are the exciting photos. (you will see: Archbishop Donoghue; Msgrs. "Doc" Kiernan, Gracz, Dora, and Frs. Hachey, Galier, Duffy Jowdy (looking quite serious mind you), and Meg Fortino [who is the Administrative Assistant, Ecelasial Notary] and others) Enjoy

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Italian food and friends

I had dinner last night at my friends house. Dan and Kathy Giannini. You can see they are typical Italians (lots and lots of food, great leftovers). The photos below are but a few from a great night with friends. I especially like the quote from the back of one of Kathy's Italian cookbooks. For those who hear me speak of my Easter Family, this is them.

(l-r. Me, Danny, Kathy, and their friend Joyce)

Pancake Breakfast

Christmas "de-decorating"

Part II: The Lights (electric and candles)

Thanks to all for all the help setting up, and taking down.

Christmas "de-decorating"

Part I: The Tree

Photos still not working correctly, so

Well the way I post photos is still not working, I am hopeful it will be working by days end. So, here is a nice post over at Vox Nova, Yves Congar. Enjoy

Update: It is working now.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I will get some photos up ASAP from Sunday. We had a nice Pancake Breakfast as well as a lively "de-decorating" of the Church.

Concerns of our new font.

If you were concerned about the temperature of our new font, rest assured it will be warmer than this...brrrr. go here, here for more.

Uhhh..... NO

This only goes to prove why most priest would rather do 10 funerals than 1 wedding. Now I am not saying all brides are like this, but...Enjoy???