Friday, March 28, 2008

Looks good no? Well I am at the ING marathon expo...they have a teeth whitening system guy here. I ran in to Gail Routon (a parishioner) who got me the hool-up! Sweet huh? More later...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Take the test

Did you get the correct count? This is a great test. I got this from boingboing. Enjoy

Cool Hotels

Budget Travel has a great piece up about some really cool and fun places to stay. Enjoy

Guatemala + some adoptions =Trouble

(photo: Xeni Jardin, 2007)

Xeni over at boingboing has a good piece up regarding human trafficking and adoptions in Guatemala. This is the kind of stuff I heard about while in Guatemala with CRS. This is really sad, let us keep all those involved in our prayers.

Wow...just look at the "windy city"...36,000 feet up!

Impressive, huh? You can click here to find a large version of this image, or here for a huge version. Enjoy
(photo: myelectricsheep's flickr photostream)

Glad I was born when I was

If my folks had such easy access to video recording when I was a kid, I am sure my mom could have put up loads of videos of me saying crazy stuff like this...poor kid this video will make an appearance on prom night when all his buddies are around. Okay so maybe that would be kind of funny. Enjoy

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes it is Bev


You of course know our font builder Bob Imsand...well it is official, I can work someone so hard they have a stroke. All joking aside Bob did have a small stroke on Monday and was admitted to the hospital and was released Tuesday; although he was ready to leave just about as soon as he got there by his estimation. Seems that they caught the stroke early and things should be fine. I knew some people knew but I wanted to make sure the correct info is out there. Bob is fine and will be back here working on the font next week, just say a prayer for him that I won't cause another stroke in him or any of my employees. In other news my mom made it back (in LA to pick up my grandparents and fly back with them to OKC on Thursday) from the Holy Land on Tuesday and is a bit tired but otherwise is doing fine, thanks for the prayers. Nancy Barrows is also doing well and recovering nicely at home. Please keep them all in your prayers and remember if you would like a prayer request up here just drop me a note and I will put them in the prayer list. Peace

Hope u r nt fleeing lks thss

Humorous Pictures

Dance machine

This thing looks like loads of fun. I really enjoy reading about people making their own technology. The people at Make always have cool stuff up (here, here and here) but this one is really awesome. Watch this video it is really cool. This is the shorter video, there is a longer here if you want to see more. I think this would be fun to have at a parish party...we could have some fun! Enjoy

This is stunning...and creepy.


You can go here to see more and another hi-res image.


This is stunning...

(Photo: Copyright Ken Crawford)

This is the NGC3576 Nebula and it is quite beautiful. Click on the image or, you can go here to view more info. Enjoy

My dream as a kid

When I was a young man, who enjoyed riding my skateboard, I thought this would be really fun...I still do today. FWIW I had a Tony Hawk skate board years ago. Enjoy

This is for Angela Green

When you come to Georgia we will get you this close to a giraffe.

Humorous Pictures

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


funny dog pictures

funny dog pictures

Scary Future out for those robot over-lords!

Water usage

I might have used a bit more water for our Baptisms at St. Matthew than the Pope did...what do you think???

Monday, March 24, 2008


A sad day for the US. Here is the news...Pray for Peace!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Dinner and Night

Now Easter Dinner is something altogether different. I have, for the past 8 years, had dinner with Fr. Paul "other Paul" and Fr. Bryan. Here are the guys from the prep of tonights dinner. Peace

My "Easter Family" dinner...

I go to the Gianinni's each Easter for dinner. It is always a fun time with loads of food and lots of conversation. Danny and Cathy you have met previously. Well today was a wonderful, as always, here are some photos of the food and the folks. Enjoy, I did!

Lenten Sacrifice

I gave up:
  • Eating anything after 8pm
  • Eating out for more than two meals a day (it is difficult for a guy who does not cook)
  • Eating desserts
  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating any meat (if it had to die to make it too my plate it was a "no go")
Well someone knew this and dropped these off to me. I do not know who, but I have my suspicions.



nom, nom, nom.

The font, in the Light of a New Day


He is risen, Alleluia!

Easter Sunday Mass at 11:30

Done, here are the photos to prove. Enjoy

He is risen, Alleluia!

Easter Egg Hunt

Between the two Masses this morning, we had out Easter Egg hunt, it was some fun...and fast too boot. I barely had time to capture photos after the fact. Luckily Lauren K. had her camera and I took some from here. Enjoy

He is risen, Alleluia!

Easter Sunday Mass at 8:30

Here are some photos from 8:30...Enjoy.

(h/t to Jeff B for the photos)

He is risen, Alleluia!

Vigil 2008

Well it was some fun...enjoy the photos.

He is risen, Alleluia!