Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well you know if it is breakfast time, so we are out to "my" Waffle
House...then to tennis


Well last night I thought I was going to have a fairly basic dinner with some friends. All seemed to be headed in the right direction for the day and I had resigned myself that none of my family was going to be able to make it for my anniversary. Well I walked into the Groover's house and there were a whole mess of people there...all of the staff of the parish, I was stunned. Then as I was surveying the crowd I noticed my Mom...then my brother Tony again I was stunned. Then my Uncle and Aunt from north Georgia...stunned. Then my Uncle Dan said there are two more in the other room, and there they were Granny and Grandpa Emminger, I could not believe it. So I was so happy to have everyone there and it had seemed that everyone had been enjoying themselves for a while before I go there. So I thought, "I need to post a photo for Angela and Karen who are in Amarillo." So Annmarie Gilbert snapped a photo with my phone and I looked at it and told Annmarie "hey you chopped Tony completely out of the photo..." she asked me if I was sure and I needed to look at the photo again, and what to my wandering eyes should appear but my dear sisters Karen and Angela...shock! Now just to let you know over the past few weeks I have tried to ferret out of each one of them if they were coming, they all had good excuses. Like I said I had resigned myself that no one was going to be here from my brothers and sisters to celebrate with me, no biggie, I thought. Well I was shocked, totally shocked, I was had! So much so dinner took place in somewhat of a fog, it passed as serenely as the touch of a loved one. We got back to the house and people in typical Galier fashion started falling asleep around the house. "Go to bed" was heard many times, but we/I did not want the evening to end. Finally, after seeing Moms pictures of the Holy Land and a quick trip to Kroger for some food it was time to call it a night around midnight. Well, still being in shock, I have tossed and turned all night...what a great surprise. If you notice the time of this post you will know I am up way before I normally would be awake, and I have been typing now for 20 minutes or more (this kind of reminds me of Christmas morning euphoria from when I was a kid). I am sure there will be more surprises today but even if these were my dying moments, I could not have asked for anything more. So to all who made this great shock possible...THANKS, you got me! All my love.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Not only Mom, Karen Tony and Angela being here but so are. Granny and Grandpa Emminger

Suprise Suprise Suprise

Look who is in Georgia...more later.

June 6, 1998...

...was the day I was ordained to the priesthood, making this my 10th anniversary. Here is a piece that ran in the Georgia Buletin the week before ordanation. I don't have any pictures from ordination to share (that is none digital), sorry. Thanks to all who have supported me throughout my ministry. Peace to you all. fvg

Bishop Tony Taylor

(photo Bob Ocken, Arkansas Catholic)

Well my mom has been busy these past few days, but she took some time yesterday to head over to Little Rock for the Ordination of her friend, the new Bishop Tony Taylor. Here are a few pieces about him and his new home in Arkansas. (here, here and here) Rocco over at Whispers also has some words up. Peace


I am sure you have seen the images or Jesus or the Virgin Mary appearing here and there on stuff, the Chicago Tribune has a piece up and it just makes me wonder why all this??? Does this stuff build up your faith? Do you think any of these are signs? Photo 11 in the series looks cool, but I don't find my faith being uplifted...any thoughts? Peace

Friday FAILures


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kids to the Vet

Ooti gets looked over...more later.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is a fun ad for Coke, your heart just breaks a bit for this guy...heheheheheheheee!

What happened to Ricky...

The Wall Street Journal has an absolutely stunning, at times both sad and heart warming, story up about people turning their children over to be wards of the state. It is generally story focusing on when parents knew they could no longer care for their mental challenged children. It is specifically about one families journey to reconnect. It is from a different day and time than most people live in today, but one from our past. Give it a read, then watch the video that is posted with the story when you are done.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Deacon has arrived

Our seminarian for the summer, Deacon Salomon Garcia, arrived today. Deacon Salomon has been with us the past two Triduum's so he should look familiar. He will be with us until the end of July so you will have a good chance to get to know him. Make sure this Sunday to stop by and welcome Salomon back to our parish family. A speacial note of thanks to Fr. Dan Stack for brining Deacon Salomon to Tyrone this morning.

Fr. Dan and Deacon Salomon quite serious!

Fr. Dan goofing off as usual!

The Passing of an era

Today was a sad day 5 months to the day of the real start of the font project, Bob Imsand has completed his work on the font, save a touch up here and there and some small mechanical issues as the font is in more us. Thanks a bunch Bob and all those who worked to give our Church such a beautiful font. If you want to leave Bob a nice word in the comments, I will publish them. Peace

Final day of work photo!

Backlog on bulletins

Rennie and I have had some troubles dealing with Scribd and I take all the blame. Here is this past weekends bulletin and a link to the bulletin and insert from a week before. Peace

Read this doc on Scribd: 060108 new

Read this doc on Scribd: 9th Sunday Insert

Poor kid

Could you just imagine the pressure then to think you hear one word...oh my!

This is not your father's yo-yo...YO!

Can any of you do any of these tricks? I think I can walk to dog and that is about it.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The trapped goat

Many of you have seen the cute goats on Kirkley road...well this is a
mama goat and I have had to rescue her twice now when she has gotten
her head & horns stuck in the fence. She doesn't seem to understand
what I am up too and fights a bit, but we always seem to get her on
her way no worse for the wear.