Saturday, February 07, 2009

Busy day.

Here are the photos: raw, captioned, uncut and in no particular order.

UPDATE: Hello to all of you from around the net who are landing on my simple blog. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. If you stay, great! (don't expect too much seriousness around here) If you just are here for this then, may God's peace be with you on your journey.

UPDATE II: One parishioner said to me on Saturday: "We are a better parish today, than we were yesterday because of our new Deacon!" I concur!

UPDATE III: Can you tell which one is our new Deacon? Man I took a bunch of photos of just King, sorry to the rest of you guys, you know I love you. Oh, and thanks to King for throwing me under the bus, when he was preaching...he mentioned how I treat you guys during class. For the Men of Ten and beyond...class time will be like Las Vegas, What happens in class, stays in class!


Anonymous said...

Great photos Fr. Vic! I have to say, I am impressed by the iPhone's camera capabilities. :)

Good seeing ya yesterday.

G from the Mount.

Kathy said...

Great album for King and his family. What a treasure he is for our parish family.

Andrew said...

The Ga. Bulletin was scooped!
Interesting pov: pictures from the sanctuary. And I felt bad walking around recording audio.