Friday, February 27, 2009


Along with lots of other parishioners and people from all over, I will be doing the Atlanta Hunger Walk this Sunday. I need some sponsors...catch my drift? I need to raise 100$...but I would like to raise more, would you like to sponsor me? If you would like to sponsor me, you can bring me money at Church or drop me an email and let me know you will give me support money (I will have to trust you) just give now PLEASE, I know I am late to the game but I hope I can get your support. If you don't want to support me (now why would that be???) then think of supporting someone else from our parish. The money we raise goes to St. Vincent de Paul, as you know a very worthy agency. Thanks!

UPDATE: Well with the snow the Huger Walk was canceled, bummer. We will still be sending in the money. Thank for your contribution, I will have a total for you later. Peace

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