Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help help help if you can!

Some of our parishioners are in need of some help. We have a few
kids from St. Matthew competing in a state speech and debate
tournament in Fayetteville and the coordinators (other parishioners)
are in dire need for judges for today, tomorrow and Thursday. No
experience necessary. I judged this tournament last year and was
amazed at the skill of these kids. If you have some time and would
be able to help then give a call to Mary Sue Goza 678.860.2370 she
(and the kids) will be very appreciative. Again they are in need so
if you can (remember no experience necessary) give a call and head
on over to Fayetteville, you won't be diasapointed!

UPDATED: Thanks to those who went. The tournament was quite successful.

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