Monday, April 06, 2009

Palm Sunday in Oklahoma

Well Grandma, Grandpa and Mom seem to be doing least all smiles. Grandma is still having a rough time of things with the broken leg, not much for get up and go these days with the immobilizer on her leg. Mom says she is a bit confused and since the break it is easier to get her out of bed on the side Grandpa usually sleeps on so he is a bit more confused because of having to sleep on the other side of the bed. Mom is keeping her spirits up and looking forward her Alaska cruise this summer with her favorite child*.

In other health news Rosie is doing somewhat better, but still guarded. The blood results indicate that things are going better with her liver, but she is still not out of the woods.

*that should be "favorite child who is also a priest"


Anonymous said...

Hey Victor -- didn't you know -- you are one of six of her "favorite children" and I happen to be the first! Mom is really looking foward to her trip with you. It's could not have come at a better time -- something to give her hope. Love you, kgf

Anonymous said...

I must be one of those favorite children. Good thing you put a qualifier on your note. Mine would read favorite child living in Utah. We look forward to staying with Grandma and Grandpa while mom is on her cruise. Love to all, AFGG