Thursday, June 04, 2009


You know ramen...NO, not this stuff, but this dreamy, silky, sultry, creamy soup with noodles. I went to have my first real bowl of ramen tonight. I went to Ippudo and it was fantastic. The meal was too too much! I tried to eat the whole bowl, but it was too rich and creamy to finish. The noodles were great but the broth was to die for. Here is the bowl just after I mixed in all the fixins the waiter told me to mix in.

Here is the bowl a full ten minutes later...does not seem as if I am making a dent in this stuff. Oh, my it was good.

And now here 8 minutes later and I think I can see the end of the race. I was so satiated at this point, I just wanted to sleep and enjoy the feeling.

This last photo was 5 minutes later...when I threw in the towel. I could not finish the whole bowl. I was too much...and did I tell you they gave me another serving of noodles, so that took up quite a bit of room. But I could not and did not finish, but I can still taste the wonderful flavors and remember the great tastes. Ever eaten real ramen? This franchise also has a place in NYC if you ever get there.


jb said...

I'm just glad you are finally off the train! You got on Tuesday! I thought they had bullet trains in Japan.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't finish that last little bit?! Haven't you learned anything from Bubba?

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

You'll never get your honorary Ippudo name tag if you can't finish SOUP! By the way, was the white, oval-shaped object in the soup an egg? (I watch too many episodes of Zimmern's Bizarre Foods, so I'm always skeptical!). [KenM]