Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back to school

Today is the day I start back to school. It has been a long time since I was the student but here goes! I wanted to tell you about something special going with me this time. When I went to graduate seminary Fr. Jim Miceli gave me a pen to use for important test and note taking. That pen was the pen of  former Archbishop James Lyke, OFM. It meant quite a bit to me to have a small piece of history with me, especially since I was not from the Archdiocese of Atlanta. It was a very nice gesture from Fr. Jim who had been my assignment Pastor for the previous year. Well as you know Fr. Jim died earlier this year...may he rest in peace. From some of the things that Fr. Jim left behind I received two very nice gifts thanks to the generosity of Fr. Patrick Kingery and Carol Black. One is a very nice box that I remember that Fr. Jim had.on his desk. The second was the pen you see that in my hand. It is a lovely fountain pen and I will use it and remember Fr. Jim and the priest of the Archdiocese who are my brothers in the presbyterate and all that they have contributed to my life and ministry to this point. My prayers are with you all...please say a prayer for me and my new endeavor.

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