Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At vet

Something is wrong with Rosie, so we are at the vet. More later.

UPDATE: Vet says Rosie was in quite a bit of pain. She did something (nothing broken) to her elbow. He gave her a shot of an anti-inflammatory, which seems to be working nicely. If she is not much better in the morning, the Dr. says he will give her some pain pills. I will let you know if it gets worse. Peace


Anonymous said...

Rosie wants to come visit Aunt Karen! Take good care of her. Love, kgf

jb said...

Doug says he feels Rosie's pain!

Terry said...

Padre Vic,

I have 2 3.5 pound female Chihuahuas, Sadie and Sofie. Rosie looks about their size. I don't know who looks sadder, you or Rosie. Anyway, I'm praying that Rosie recovers and you become happier.

Terry Howard
Fort Worth, Texas

VoteNovember2008 said...

I had a chihuahua "Precious" who lived seventeen years! Praying for your little Rosie! VN8