Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hail and it's aftermath

So we were getting ready for 6PM Mass and the heavens opened up, the TV was telling us there was a tornado coming our way. We decided to wait on Mass until we knew that the storm had passed. So we had everyone leave the chapel and head to utility room. The rain started and the hail soon followed. As you can see from the photos it was an amazing amount of hail, and it sounded horrible. I was sure we were going to loose some windows, thank goodness we did not (well Deacon Gayle did). The storm passed and we went out to survey the damage. You can see how much hail we got from the photos. We went on with Mass about 15 mins late, with steam rising outside, it was kind of eerie. After Mass, folks were showing up for RCIA and told me that my street had tons of hail on it. As you can see when I got home about two hours later there was still plenty on the road, in my yard, all over the place. Oh! did I mention that the pine trees bore the brunt of the storm? You could smeel the fresh pine all over the place. Anyway, the house seemed to be fine...until I checked it this morning. As you can see the western side of the house will have to have some major work done on it. We are lucky no one was hurt in the storms, the things we can fix or replace...but even those are not too bad. One final note, there was a small rainbow at the back of the storm...God still there for us!


Anonymous said...

I've been in storms but never one like that. Hope everyone was well insured. MOM

jb said...

Last person to have socks like that near a tornado had a house fall on them!