Wednesday, April 01, 2009

not so new

remember my new baby? well no t so new now
on way back from Waffle Home this morning skid and hit the high curb
Juan and I are fine...just a bit shaken up, my new baby now has some serious damamge
more photos later.

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UPDATE: Ok so it was not as good as last year, but I thought it worked fooled my mom, and one brother and one sister (only for a moment with KGF). The color is technically the same. I thought I would go with a grainy photo (found on the interwebs). I also thought the funny way this post was formatted added to its uniqueness...and maybe believability? I hope you had a chuckle, guess you all can see through me so no April Fool's joke next year ;-)


jb said...

Please tell me this is an April Fool's Day gag!

Rhonda Boyle said...

You are yanking our chain! Happy April Fool's Day! :o)

Rhonda Boyle

Anonymous said...

Father Vic, after your performance last year on April 1, do you really think we are going to believe anything you would have to post on this year's April 1. Please next time make sure they are the same color of RED.
Hope you like your new car That doesn't have any smashed finders.
By the way, I looked at your blog just to see what you would pull this year..
Happy April Fools Day

Anonymous said...

Not even a chance this year - you got me last year but not this year. Not even the same color of red. You did fool your mother however. AFGG