Monday, December 07, 2009

Rosie and her final resting place.

Well you know that I had to put Rosie to sleep last week. After her peaceful death Adam and Tim at Parrott Funeral Home and Crematory, cremated Rosie for me. Since she was a Chihuahua it would only be fitting to find a nice place in sunny Mexico for her to be laid to rest. Since I was on my way to vacation I thought  a great place would be Costa Maya, Mexico. The sun was beating down hard so we did not go too far from the ship. I found a nice street where they were planting a nice walkway with beautiful foliage. I asked the boss man if it would be alright to bury Rosie there and he had no problems. So here are the photos of the burial of Rosie.

Since I was in Mexico I wore my Shirt Woot PAINata shirt for a bit of local flair.

The hole is dug and ready to be filled.

Filled the hole up with Rosie's ashes and some fill dirt and the burial is done. If you are ever in Costa Maya let me know I will tell you where to find her grave.

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