Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just heartbreaking...and uplifting as well.

Check out this blog from a guy who is working to get clean water to the people in Haiti...something he has been doing before the earthquake. His name is Chris and the past two days have been a harrowing experience. Please make sure to pray for the people of Haiti and those affected by the earthquake. Make sure to read the whole post from his day when the earthquake hit. Pray and Give!

All I could see was her face and left arm, and she frantically called out to me. I asked her to calm down because it would help me to work and asked her to pray for both of us. She calmed down and became very brave. I was having trouble seeing her where she was jammed under the slab. I pulled out a very large piece of rubble that didn’t really help Jacqueline at all (her name was Jacqueline). There was some sort of object behind that rubble and when I went to move it it turned out to be another girl’s bottom. The girl cried out but I could barely hear her – her whole head was underneath rubble.
At this point I began to realize that I was in over my head. All I had was a hammer, and it was quickly becoming pitch dark with twilight fading and no electricity anywhere. I tried to borrow a flashlight, but it was impossible. I had a moment of feeling intense helplessness. After thinking and praying for a minute, I told Jacqueline that I had to leave her and find more help. I couldn’t do anything without a flashlight, and she needed to keep praying and remember that her parents were coming to look for her.

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